IF Design Award 2022

The future of uninterrupted maritime connectivity

With extended expertise and experience, our team of antenna specialists is devoted to bringing 5G experience at sea for maritime connectivity.

Experience 5G at sea

Our team of antenna specialists is devoted to the R&D of the antenna, related technologies, and high-capacity wireless network solutions. With extended expertise and experience, SailaWave brings 5G experience at sea.

Enhance customer experience by providing seamless maritime connectivity from the land to sea.

Land to sea connection

Enable maritime industry players to adopt 5G connectivity to address the challenges and enhance the customer experience. In essence, SailaWave provides seamless connections from the land to the sea.

Mr Toni Lopera, Technical Director at Dahlberg S.A.

The SailaWave system is easy to install and set up. During the test period, owner and captain were impressed about performance. It works.

Mr. Frankie Chau, Managing Director of NextWave Yachting

I am more than impressed by SailaWave’s latest technologies, enabling reliable and uninterrupted internet connection via 5G networks on board at all times.

The Captain of Motor Yacht Mangusta 43mt

Since installing SailaWave onboard, I have been enjoying breath-taking scenery and Quality Internet Access at every corner of my yacht, even at a distance of over 30 kms from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mr. Sérgio Costa, Operations Manager at The Views Hotels

I recently acquired a Saila Wave solution for my boat on Madeira Island. There were a few places on nearby islands where I had no internet reception. With this solution, I am now able to go fishing around the islands and immediately share my catch! I am thrilled with the solution.
SailaWave - end-to-end maritime connectivity solution.

About SailaWave

We introduced the revolutionary end-to-end wireless connectivity solution. As the winner of the iF Design Awards, SailaWave blends in perfectly with any ship decor, providing unparalleled 4G/5G radio networks for up to 30 kms from the coast.

All SailaWave antennas designed by us have been fully tested in our flagship Antenna Anechoic Chambers. for the best maritime connectivity.

Our best antenna yet

All SailaWave antennas designed by us have been fully tested in our flagship Antenna Anechoic Chambers.  On the one hand, our Far Field Test Chamber is one of the largest in the region, certified and recognized by the regional Communications Service Providers. On the other hand, equipped with 180 probe system, our Near Field Test Chambers validates 3D antenna radiation patterns. In brief, testing accuracy is guaranteed as all of our chambers were accredited by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

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