We understand the challenges sailing enthusiasts, sailors, crews and players in the maritime industry encounter. To help, SailaWave team innovates, designs, and develops wireless connectivity solutions infused with proprietary technologies. Essentially, delivering ultra-fast, reliable, and secure internet connectivity onboard is what we are after.


The Challenges

Over the years, the yacht owners, yacht charter companies, as well as cruise ship and ferry operators have been looking for solutions. They aim to meet the increasing demand for quality internet access onboard by all means. The connection is not always stable. What's more, the speed varies as the ship cruises to different locations due to the bandwidth and coverage constraints. Furthermore, installation work is comparatively complicated for sailing boats and private yacht owners, not to mention the time-consuming activation.


What We Offer

We introduced the revolutionary end-to-end wireless connectivity solution - SailaWave. As the iF Design Awards winner, it blends in perfectly with any ship decor. On the one hand, it provides unparalleled 4G / 5G radio networks for up to 40 kms* from the coast. On the other hand, the price is substantially lower than slow and costly satellite (VSAT). To sum up, SailaWave enables our clients to use 4G / 5G as the primary source of internet connectivity onboard, while keeping an inexpensive low VSAT profile serving as a backup for crossings and blind spots in cellular coverage.


* Based on live test results, theoretical simulation results presents much longer reach
* Coverage depends on network configuration, radio BTS location and radio signal propagation path loss, actual results will vary

System Solution

Wide Radio Coverage

40km* from the coast

5G Data Throughput

2 Gpbs

Seamless Connection

12 SIM cards roaming


Link aggregation + Dual 5G Modems

With link aggregation enabled by LinkFusion Technology, as well as dual 5G modems inside SailaDome, SailaWave double the total network throughput. To put it another way, we deliver an optimized customer experience with low latency, uninterrupted data transfer, and higher reliability.


Proprietary Technologies

The TransWave technology and OmniRay technology together power the proprietary design of SailaWave. They enable carrier-grade tri-sector antenna panels to deliver high gain omnidirectional coverage. Specifically, they support the full wireless spectrum across high, mid, and low-bands. Since there will be no dropouts or disconnections between cell towers and network operators during hangovers, SailaWave can deliver reliable long-distance coverage up to 30km from the coast. Furthermore, we infuse auto antenna switching and its algorithm powered by BeamSteer Technology. Hence SailaWave selects the best signals received by sectorial antennas to guarantee optimal connectivity performance.


Testing Chambers

Fully testing all self-designed SailaWave antennas in our flagship Antenna Anechoic Chambers is a must. Our Far Field Test Chamber is one of the largest in the region, certified and recognized by the regional Communications Service Providers. Equipped with 180 probe system, our Near Field Test Chambers validates 3D antenna radiation patterns. We guarantee the testing accuracy, as all of our chambers were accredited by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).


12 SIM Cards + Auto Carrier Switching

SailaWave supports up to twelve SIM cards. Without a doubt, we ensure alternative roaming options for uninterrupted connectivity during cross-border cruising. With auto carrier selection capability, SailaWave automatically switches between carriers. In essence, it selects the strongest available network for the best internet connectivity onboard.


Mesh Network

SailaJoint and multiple SailaPoint automatically form a Mesh Network to extend connectivity onboard. That is to say, SailaWave guarantees reliable high-speed Wi-Fi coverage for ships with multiple decks.


SailaDome is a dome-shaped 5G router with optimal signal reception. It connects to SailaJoint with a single ethernet cable.


SailaJoint is an all-in-one unit with SIM card injector, and PoE switch to SailaDome for Wi-Fi Function


When SailaPoint, mesh Wi-Fi devices are connected wirelessly with SailaJoint, coverage is maximised to support all users in every corner of superyachts or ferries with multiple decks and cruise ships.


SailaLite is the newest member of the SailaWave family, integrating 5G and Wi-Fi capabilities. It provides all you need for internet connectivity wherever your maritime adventures take you.


Ethernet Cable

In fact, we only need one single ethernet cable for the standard 802.3 power supply of SailaDome. At the same time, it enables data transmission between SailaDome and SailaJoint.


Power Adapter/ Standard PoE Switch

Alternatively, a SailaWave power adapter supporting 12V to PoE adaption or standard PoE switch is available when not using SailaJoint.

Hassle-free Configuration

Web Portal + Build-in Self-diagnosis

To begin with, simply log into SailaWave portal, and follow our step-by-step guide for simple configuration and network performance monitoring. In the light of a build-in self-diagnosis function, you can easily detect and locate technical issues.


Reliability Testing

Delicately designed for maritime connectivity, SailaDome is waterproof, wind-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. In order to ensure not only product quality but also durability for the maritime environment, we fully verified the product design through the below reliability tests.


  • Accelerated Aging Reliability Test
  • High and Low Temperature Operation Test

    Supporting operation temperature between -40℃ and 55℃  

  • IP68 Ingress Protection for Water and Dust
  • 195km/h Wind Resistance
  • IEC60068-2-11 Corrosion Resistance
  • EN50155 Shock and Vibration Test
  • ITU-T K.21(Lightening Protection)


Flexible Mounting

To sum up, mounting on deck, wall, or pole using our complimentary mounting kit can easily achieve plug and play.

Use cases

Sailing boats

Reliable internet access is essential when sailing as far as 30km from the coast. For instance, for passage-making, the sailors would opt to use tablets onboard as chart plotters. The navigation app needs to update charts and download the latest weather data whenever and wherever.


Passengers on ferries expect seamless internet connection onboard. Seeing that, ferry operators strive to provide reliable wireless connectivity solutions to enhance customer experience. We enable real-time weather and forecast data obtained online, and internet communications available for all passengers onboard.


With reinforced mechanics, SailaWave withstands harsh marine conditions, such as high winds, corrosive elements, as well as the swells and lulls of the ocean. Supporting multiple SIM cards allows the selection of the most optimized Internet coverage. On top of that, it helps avoid international roaming charges.

Cruise ships

We guarantee uninterrupted connectivity anywhere on cruise ships with multiple decks. While cruising from one country to another, we assure to pick the best signal reception. Likewise, the Captain and crew members can always obtain updated information for safe cruising.

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