The future of uninterrupted maritime connectivity


The magic begins here.

The inception of SailaWave was brought alive in Europe by an All-Star team. The team consists of not only antenna specialists and connectivity technologists but also sailing enthusiasts. And they explicitly extend the vision and expertise to the maritime industry. Working closely together, the team has remarkably devoted itself to innovating, designing, and engineering. The ultimate goal is to build the future of maritime connectivity.


And our implacable enthusiasm matters.

Undoubtedly, the implacable enthusiasm for sailing paves the way. What we are after is to bring 5G technology onboard for the global maritime market. Whenever and wherever you are sailing or cruising to, SailaWave got you covered. We ensure uninterrupted maritime connectivity for everyone from the moment when the yachts, boats, and cruise ships depart from the land. Safety is guaranteed. In the same way, passengers' experience is elevated with the future of uninterrupted maritime connectivity.

Dedicated support by 4 offices located in Spain, North America, Hong Kong and Singapore to ensure the future of maritime connectivity.

Dedicated Support

We set up four offices in key business regions to support global business and operations. Therefore, clients in Spain, North America, Hong Kong, and Singapore can directly visit our regional team. Furthermore, we plan to expand to more regions, covering EMEA, Canada, as well as the Asia Pacific.

The future of Maritime Connectivity - the adventure is calling by the name, to enjoy life, and relax in the ocean.

Adventure is calling

As a matter of fact, the inspiration for the name SailaWave is drawn from the idea of enjoying life, relaxing in the ocean. As saying “C’est la vie” in French, we embrace and improve our daily lives with innovation and technology. 

5g connectivity masterpiece

Inseparably linked to the brand, the anchor is the foundation for the logo. Most importantly, it symbolizes our strengths, successes, and contributions to different verticals. As the winner of the iF Design Awards, SailaWave is truly a masterpiece of elegance, luxury, and performance.

High preforming elegance - our engineers and designers strike to perfect the functionality while the design of the 5G router to bring you the future of maritime connectivity.

High-performing elegance

As a matter of fact, the product design, the core of the total solution, is non-negotiable. On top of the rounded, curvy, and sinuous details, we further re-sculptured product shape and structure to be more angular with sleek lines. With ongoing refinement, we bring the design to the next level.


20+ antenna technologists and telecommunications experts


Continue expansion from Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain and USA to worldwide


Obtain numerous IP patents

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